i am with you always, even to the end of the age. -matthew 28:20

Sunday, September 26, 2010

you weren't made to do this alone.

"And since i, the master of the household have been called the prince of demons, how much more will it happen to you, the members of the household!" -Matthew 10:25

Take all these cuts, and make them shine
And all this pain I’ve held inside
So I can find my way home again
-Look Away by Thousand Foot Krutch

i am washed by the blood.
i am treasured by Someone far greater than those that hurt me, that lied to me.
we, we have been lied to.
we have been told that our worth, is determined by what we do, and not by who we are.
we are precious, and no one can take our place.
we have a lover, a savoir, a father, who GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US.
He DIED for us.
because we are everything to Him.
and He so desperately wants to be everything to us.

i have been believing lies.
lies that implied that doing what was right, what God wants me to do,
makes me less than equal down here.
that somehow the world was punishing me, for obeying my creator.
but that's not the case,
and He tried to prepare me for this.
the called my King the prince of darkness,
they nailed him to a cross.
who am i to expect anything less?
has the enemy changed all these years,
now he only attacks through lies from loved ones and ruined reputations?
the truth is, i am not fighting, we are not fighting each other, but rather the darkness of this world,
and spiritual wickedness in high places.
the enemy is terrified of me,
because i am a powerful woman of God,
and He has amazing things planned for me,
for all of us.
i am going to do more good than i could ever dream of,
i am going to help people, and lead them to Christ.
so that they might know the love that has been shown to me.

this is my testimoney;
we were all created for an individual purpose, and no one can take that from you.
if you're feeling different, ostracized, attacked?
because you are obviously doing something right,
if you've got the enemy that scared.
but you are not alone.
you are accepted and loved and needed, by the Big Man :]
the one who created life, and made each and every one of us.
let Him be your everything.
you weren't made to do this alone.

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