i am with you always, even to the end of the age. -matthew 28:20

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'd been crafting my own miracles.
Fitting broken puzzle pieces together,
as best i could.
I'd been running, doing, trying my whole life through,
tredding water and making a way.
The scars to show me just how far i'd come,
because of how far i was coming from.

Until i wandered into the garden,
like my Brother had done before me.
A voice like the autum wind spoke to me,
a rolling tide of tall oak trees,
and He let. this. pass. from. me.

I was begging for a miracle,
something my eyes couldn't look far enough to see.
I was searching for a strand of hope,
something to set my wildfire free.
See i was born with a passion and a need.
I was born a raging fire,
ever waiting for the breeze.

So i set sail on a ship filled with hope and promises,
of which my king provided.
And i trusted the One who met with me,
in the garden.
Who called to me in Egypt.
Who washed my feet.
How many refrences will it take to make you understand?

When i reached land i was greeted there by something i didn't believe,
Something of a hawk with the voice of a lion flapped his wings,
and brought forth the winds of change.
And set my soul on ablaze.

I'm sitting watching a miracle,
as he breathes, and sings, and loves, and lives. 
all for the man who made me.

We fly on that autum wind,
and make our home in those tall oak trees.
We are guided by The Way,
the scars of yesterday have long since vanished.
My eyes are open now, i can see.

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