i am with you always, even to the end of the age. -matthew 28:20

Sunday, April 25, 2010

you want him, and you need him
but you act like he's not there.
yeah you know that you're hollow.
and something's missing here

why don't you break the cycle,
let love in.
-Hunger by Fireflight

He's not going to give up. God passionately loves you and desperately craves a relationship with you. He needs you like the air you breathe. did you catch that? God NEEDS you. you've built up walls to try and keep everyone out, especially him. what are you afraid of? caring? caring about something, someone so immensely that you can feel it in your very being? because that's what you'll get. you'll get love that surpasses all understanding, you'll get someone you can depend on. someone who comes running the moment you call, a comforter, a lover, a friend. you'll fill that piece that's missing. and i know it is. we were created to love him. and you can't tell me that you don't feel it. it doesn't matter how long it takes, God is going to fight for you. and one day, that wall will break. trust me i know. it will come crashing down at the force of something so small, you won't be able to take it anymore, you'll want to give up. one crack like that and God is going to come rushing in, filling your every crack and crevice, every whole, He will completely drown you in love. and you'll grasp something worth living for, something worth dieing for. you'll embrace a love that you were meant to share since the begining. and it will be beautiful.

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